Lineup Cards

My Favorite Barber Starter Pack

$55.00 USD

Take advantage of our most popular color enhancements & lineup cards My Favorite Barber has to offer.

Our color enhancement has a refined no splatter formula that ensures clean looks while reducing compressor buildup that leads to gun clogging & failure. Want to take your bottles with you? The adjustable no-drip nozzle protects against spills & multiple sizes provide convenience for barbers on the go.

Additional Color Enhancement Features include:

  • “Splatter-free” formula that blends seamlessly with natural hair color
  • Proprietary blend significantly reduces “tip dry” – the build up of dye on the tip of the airbrush needle - that leads to clogging & mechanical failure when left in airbrush cup overnight or multiple days.
  • Not “watered down” or diluted as to achieve natural looking results whether using one color or multiple colors interchangeably - no difference in color purity or quality.
  • Exclusive “no shake” formula that is water resistant & smudge proof

MFB lineup cards are designed to help barbers achieve perfect symmetry and ensure customer confidence. Flexible enough to adjust to any hair or beard outline, MFB beard & lineup enhancement cards are made of durable, clear plastic to enable visibility during use.

Additional features include:

  • Can be used individually or in combination to perfectly match any client hairline or beard.
  • Easily cleaned with spray disinfectant or Barbicide for years of continual use.
  • Measurement tool reduces “push back” to ensure symmetry and perfectly straight lineups.
  • Can be used to enhance designs to help create clean, sharp, crisp lines.


Includes: all (3) outline cards, (1) 2 oz bottle of Black, (1) 2 oz bottle of Black-Brown

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