4 oz. Black Lineup & Color Enhancement

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Businesses that sell color enhancement products make claims they have a product that has "the best color", "longest lasting", "rub-proof", "sweat proof", & "water resistant". Sometimes it's true, most times it's not.

The truth is that My Favorite Barber has developed a formula that is all of those things - not just because we say it is, but because it can be consistently proven. Collaborating with independent chemists, specialty chemical manufacturers, natural beauty & cosmetic professionals we’ve created a new & improved version of the MFB Beard & Lineup Color enhancement.

Taking a scientific approach to innovation has allowed us to develop a color enhancement using safe, sustainable ingredients that doesn't compromise on quality or performance - with benefits that exceed industry, barber & client expectations. 

  Additional advantages & features include:

  • Extreme sebum & water repellency as high rub-off resistance properties provide outstanding, long-lasting benefits.
  • Enhanced wear, flexibility, & humidity resistance to protect skin health while maintaining breathability & comfort.
  • Pre-mixed “no shake” formula: no need to dilute 
  • Formulated to be used with corded or cordless airbrush units
  • Proprietary blend that significantly reduces clogging, notably reduces shine, and color enhancing pigmentation that creates vibrant colors for a natural, smooth looking finish
  • Exclusive “no shake” formula is 100% rub proof, 100% sweatproof & extremely water resistant. 

No hype or gimmicks, just consistent quality results. Don't believe us? Purchase a bottle today and see for yourself - we're confident you & your clients won't be disappointed. 

    Includes: (1) 4oz bottle of Black Beard & Lineup Color Enhancement

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