MFB "Ultimate" Airbrush (Best Seller)

$285.00 USD

The primary reason why most airbrush kits/systems from Alibaba or Amazon fail is not the compressor-it's because the airbrush stops working. Tired of buying cheap air compressors with low quality airbrushes, expecting them to break or underperform, only to have to buy another cheap model? MFB has the solution. 

The MFB "Ultimate" airbrush - designed to be used corded or directly attached - made by Grex - commands the attention of serious airbrush users. This premium double action pistol style trigger combines ease-of-use, comfort, superior detail control, versatility and high performance. Its slim profile is space saving & the elegant, incredibly stable holder allows the airbrush system to be used on a variety of station setups effortlessly and safely.  It is perfect for easy transportation and quick airbrush system setup for house call appointments.

You can buy in confidence knowing that your airbrush is backed by a manufacturer 6-year hassle-free warranty*, including the repair, replacement and ongoing support of your machine.

Give your clients the line - up they deserve and yourself the quality, reliability, & consistency you expect from your tools